A bank officer from Abu Dhabi in her forties managed to lose 20 kg in 3 months!

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A bank officer from Abu Dhabi in her forties managed to lose 20 kg in 3 months!
A bank officer from Abu Dhabi in her forties managed to lose 20 kg in 3 months!

Excess body weigh has virtually become an epidemic all around the world. Accessibility of fast food with poor nutritive values and a fast pace of living, as well as constant stress, are the main causes of this phenomenon. Over the last ten years, the obesity trend has become heavily present here, as well.

Of course, there are various “methods” for losing the excess weight, but until now not a single one of these methods has proven to be constantly effective. Simply, most of them require strict diets and enhanced physical activity. Owing to the fast pace of living, it is difficult to balance between daily obligations so as to find enough time to cook and exercise.

I would recommend Nutrivix to everyone with excess bodyweight! This product is exactly what helped me solve this problem and I dare say – to feel reborn!
I would recommend Nutrivix to everyone with excess bodyweight! This product is exactly what helped me solve this problem and I dare say – to feel reborn!

This problem was exactly the main cause for accumulating excess weight in the case of Milica Pavlović, a bank officer from Abu Dhabi. Spending many hours seated, due to the nature of her work, constant exposure to stress, insufficient exercise over a longer period of time and lack of time to prepare food – all of this lead to Milica’s body weight being anything but healthy at the age of forty. She shared her experience with us:

It was really incredibly frustrating. I was always someone who paid attention to her looks and health, but when the problem of excess weight appeared, I simply didn’t know what to do. Not only did I feel indolent and fat, but this also started to take its toll on my health! I started experiencing problems with high blood pressure, digestion problems, as well as constant irritation that was borderline anxiety. I tried solving this problem with various diets and products, but nothing worked. I also tried taking long walks, but I didn’t’ always have enough time for this. Also, I was no longer in shape as I used to be, so it sometimes happened that I got sick during these long walks. To put it simply, my life turned into a living hell!

Of course, all of this reflected negatively on my emotional and professional life. My husband definitely lost interest in any kind of intimacy, the suits I wore to work were so tight that they could have burst any time, and this caused a really massive lack of self-esteem. I started making mistakes while working, which was never the case before! All in all, the situation was so bad that I really didn’t know what to do!

NutriVix – The United Arab Emirates

Milica ended up in a situation that is familiar to many people! She, however, did not give up! She actively sought a way to solve the problem of being overweight, a way that would be feasible, given that a radical change of lifestyle was not an option. Milica learnt of Nutrivix and tried solving her problem with the help of this product. This is her experience:

I heard of Nutrivix from a co-worker. She had experienced similar problems and solved them successfully. Despite being several years older than me and leading a practically identical way life as me, she managed to reduce her bodyweight to an optimum level. I was not too optimistic at first. Too often had I hoped that similar products would help me, only to be disappointed over and over again, which only made the situation more difficult. However, since I personally saw this example where Nutrivix actually produced results, I ordered the first dose. Already after seven days, the effects were more than evident! I ordered an additional dose of Nutrivix, used it for ninety days and after that, my bodyweight was once again at a normal level. In three months, I lost 20 kilograms without any rigorous diets or especially intense exercise! I still took my long walks, but I didn’t do anything else about it! Nutrivix managed to give me what no other product could!

The effects were not purely aesthetic. Since I started using this product, my overall health condition improved. Now I feel much better in my own skin. No more sensation of bloatedness or heaviness. My blood pressure is back to normal and I feel much more vigorous and refreshed. I no longer experience panic and anxiety attacks. Once the treatment was over, I went to see my doctor to run a detail analysis of my health status. The results were excellent!

Finally, I would like to mention that the effects made a significant impact on my personal and professional life, as well. My new looks boosted my confidence, the mistakes at work no longer occurred and I just got promoted. The situation with my husband also took a major turn and we are now experiencing a new honeymoon! I would recommend Nutrivix to everyone with excess bodyweight! This product is exactly what helped me solve this problem and I dare say – to feel reborn!

The secret of Nutrivix are the entirely natural ingredients combined in an ideal ratio so as to achieve maximum effect on weight loss! This product works systemically, taking into consideration that every ingredient helps in solving a particular part of the problem! Perfectly balanced ratio of natural elements in Nutrivix capsules produces an effect on the entire body. Some ingredients are diuretic in nature and help with the release of excessive water from the body, others accelerate the energy burning process, some improve microcirculations and others accelerate the functioning of the digestive system. This means that Nutrivix has an impact on ALL causes of obesity and helps in eliminating ALL of the abovementioned causes!

The unique formula of Nutrivix includes:

  • Artichoke (TBSI ID: IH95B050) is known as a unique source of minerals and vitamins. It is also full of active substances that accelerate the metabolism, enhance the functioning of the digestive tract, excretion of bile, and produce a mild diuretic effect. The effects are best observed through detoxication, regulating the level of water in the body and enhancing bile excretion. This is very important, given that enhanced bile excretion leads to a better metabolism of fat reserves, thus enabling the receptors in the brain to create an entirely different image of the body’s needs for food. The end result is eliminating the feeling of hunger, and avoiding compulsive overeating is the first step in the weight loss process.
  • Green Tea (TBSI ID: IH2B07A0) has been one of the favourite substances of alternative medicine for centuries, and there are more than justifiable causes for this. Namely, green tea extract, which is used for producing Nutrivix, contains as much as 40% polyphenol. This is a compound that provides significant protection to the body cells against free radicals. Therefore, green tea extract is one of the best antioxidants in the world. The effects are observable in regulating sugar metabolism, regulating the balance between good and bad cholesterol, accelerating the metabolism of fat (up to 17%), improving circulation, functioning of the heart and the entre cardiovascular system. Senna is a well-known plant in traditional folk medicine. It originates from Asia and Africa, but it may also be found as an over-the-counter product in our country, as well. Folk medicine uses it most often in the form of tea for regulating the functioning of the digestive tract. Senna extract in Nutrivix provides better bowel discharge, thereby producing a detoxicating effect, as well, given that this enables the best release of toxins accumulated in the body in the most natural way there is!
  • Alder buckthorn (TBSI ID: IH958940) is also a well-known laxative in folk medicine. This plant’s extract in Nutrivix capsules also accelerates the bowel discharge, but it also improves the functioning of the liver and pancreas and enhances bile excretion.
  • Birch is also a very present element of folk medicine. All parts of the plant are used. Nutrivix capsules contain the extract of birch, and its effects are diuretic. This ingredient is conducive to water release from the body, but it also improves microcirculation and thus helps in the fight against cellulite, which if often the most persistent form of fat tissue which is the most difficult to remove.
  • Foeniculi fructus (TBSI ID: IH479050) is widely applied in medicine, and it is used, among other things, for treating organs in the digestive tract, leading to the release of toxic substances and fat from the body. This plant is very valuable because of its antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is recommended for problems with constipation, bloatedness and cramps. It also helps in combating urinary infections and facilitates food digestion. It is even administered to small children suffering from stomach cramps. It is extremely rich in fibres, and it also reduces high cholesterol. Due to the abundance of fibres, it is excellent is prevention of colon cancer.

This unique combination of entirely natural ingredients is just what your body needs! Do not reach for restrictive diets that might jeopardise your health! Do not rely on synthetic pharmaceuticals that will cause more damage than benefit! Turn to nature and to what it has been offering to us since the dawn of time!

Why should you order Nutrivix as soon as today?

  • This is a 100% natural product that contains no synthetic ingredients!
  • We do not promise a rapid weight loss – we want a LASTING effect!
  • Nutrivix has a beneficial effect on the overall health status!
  • Because Nutrivix reduces blood pressure and cholesterol to optimal levels, thus protecting you against cardiovascular diseases!
This unique offer is exclusive! Order Nutrivix capsules at a special promotional price while the stocks last! One package of Nutrivix contains 45 capsules, which is sufficient for 15 days of treatment. The recommended daily intake is 1 capsule 3 times a day before meal. The recommended duration of therapy is 60 to 90 days.


  1. I heard of Nutrivix from my sister. Everyone in our family is prone to excess weight, so most of our lives the both of us were overweight. It is impossible to mention everything we had tried to do to get into shape. Of course, nothing worked. However, since I started using Nutrivix, something changed. Namely, I no longer experience hunger spells that always lead to overeating, especially late in the evening and at night. Now I am able to resist this temptation. Combined with my new diet, I managed to lose as much as 15 kilograms in two months! Nutrivix is just amazing! I recommend it to any woman experiencing similar problems.

  2. It is somewhat unusual that someone who practiced sports on a regular basis has problems with excess weight. However, this was exactly the case with me. I played handball as a hobby in a local club for more than 10 years. I was always rather sturdy, which was very convenient when it came to sport. Nevertheless, over more than a year ago, I got pregnant and stopped practicing sports. The combination of pregnancy and absence of intense exercise resulted in extremely excessive weight gain. After giving birth to my baby, my bodyweight horrified me! I tried all sorts of diets to get back in shape, but nothing simply worked! A friend of mine who had her baby a year before I did, recommended Nutrivix to me and this changed my entire life. Now I am back on track to recuperate my ideal body weight. Handball is definitely a thing of the past, but my shape is back! I recommend this product to all women who gained too much weight during pregnancy!

  3. I was never too physically active, nor did I pay too much attention to what I ate. For a very long time, my metabolism was capable of handling pretty much anything I would ingest, and I was perfectly happy with this situation. Things changed drastically when I turned 34. Kilograms started piling up, and I soon lost my previously perfect body shape. Of course, old habits die hard, so restrictive diets and hours spent at the gym were out of the question for me! Nutrivix was recommended to me by my brother, and it was definitely the answer I had been searching for. Using this product accelerated my metabolism once again, and after just two months, I was my old self again. Of course, now I have to pay attention to my diet both in terms of quantity and quality, but with Nutrivix, this is not a problem.

  4. I have been a farmer my entire life. This is hard physical labour that requires plenty of energy, so the diet must be adapted to such requirements. However, we sometimes exaggerate, which is how I managed to become excessively overweight. Naturally, at my age, this is primarily a major health issue. Nutrivix was first recommended to me by my son, who lives and works in Abu Dhabi. These capsules helped me introduce order in my diet and to lose 30 kilograms! Most importantly, I don’t feel hungry since I’ve been using these capsules. Before Nutrivix, my new diet was not enough for me, and it was impossible for me to stick to it. Now I have no problems with it! I recommend Nutrivix to everyone with excess weight, regardless of their age and sex!

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